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MIKE STERN – The Mike Stern Band, Miles Davis
“Tom Kennedy is one of the best bass players I’ve ever played with in my life. I’m very proud to be included on his record and very happy he’s on my next record.”

“You can hear him on many CDs, solo and in collaboration with other artists who are wise enough to ask him to enhance their compositions with his incredible talent. But for me, to be in the presence of Thomas Kennedy, to hear the magic that he delivers with every note is truly to see genius at work. You see, I have the honor of being on stage with this artist many a night and along with the audience I am moved to awe. We watch how he transforms each note with reverence into a vibrational eloquence that soothes the very soul of each listener. Whether it be fast or slow, no note goes unrecognized and believe me, that note appreciates being released in its tonal perfection. To behold this intimate love affair between Tom and his long trusted traveling companion, the bass, is something you must witness at least once in your life. Then you too will join the collective gasp from all as those vibrations heighten and tantalize the senses of the soul. And I, as facilitator of the evening, get the privilege to proclaim to the world, “Behold. The Master at Work.”

“It would be hard to overstate Tom Kennedy’s mastery of jazz bass, with a resume that runs as deep as his groove and feel.”

“Tom Kennedy opens his third album as a leader, Just for the Record, by running his electric bass in dizzying circles around Dave Weckl’s bouncy drums. “Breakneck” is a short, bubbly exercise in speed, the musicians playfully sparring with their instruments. It showcases Kennedy’s prodigious abilities, but also highlights the friendships and strong musical relationships that have defined his career.”


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